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Belur Chennakeshava Temple: Exterior wall surrounding the garbhagriha on the north side


Exterior wall surrounding the garbhagriha on the north side
The section of the wall shown in the image is on the north side of the temple and is oriented in the east-west direction. On the right side, it is attached to the wall of the chariot-like shrine.

The square pillar standing on the right side exposes the front and left sides. The front side relief depicts Vishnu, and the left side depicts Bhairava, who is an incarnation of Shiva. The relief on the mid-section of the square pillar standing next to it depicts the story of Varahavatara, (i.e., Vishnu’s incarnation as a wild boar). The wall between these two square pillars has the relief of Vishnu. Standing to the right of the Varahavatara pillar is a tall round pillar with no reliefs carved on its midsection.

The relief on the wall between the Varahavatara and this round pillar replicates a bracket figure that depicts a lady trying to chase a monkey that is trying to pull her dress. The relief on the wall to the right of the round pillar depicts a beautiful lady holding a flower with the right hand and the head of a child with the left hand. There is another child on her left side. This wall is then attached to a section that is part of the Navarnaga.

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