Cambodia: Shiva Linga near a Buddhist temple

Shiva Linga near a Buddhist temple in Cambodia

Shiva Linga near a Buddhist temple

Shiva Linga
The stone sculpture shown in the image is a Shiva Linga located near Preah Ang Thom, which is a Buddhist monastery located on the Phnom Kulen mountains in Cambodia.

Shiva Linga is an abstract representation of Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity, and worshiped mainly by the Hindus. Note: Similar symbols were worshiped all over the world in ancient times. For example, Omphalos in Delphi, Greece.

Although the majority of Cambodians are Buddhists, they do worship some Hindu deities, and the Hindu and Buddhist monuments exist side-by-side in Cambodia. The reason being the Khmer rulers who ruled Cambodia for many centuries frequently switched the state religion between Hinduism and Buddhism.

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Phnom Kulen, Tonle’ Sap, Cambodia

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