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Banteay Srei: Vali – Sugriva Fight


Vali – Sugriva fight
The image shows the east-facing side of the gopura situated on the west side of the middle enclosure of the Banteay Srei Temple, which is located 16 miles northeast of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The pediment of the gopura depicts the fight between the brothers Vali and Sugriva and Rama on the right is shooting an arrow to kill Vali.

The Slaying of Vali is a popular theme for carvings in many Hindu temples in India and Southeast Asia. According to the story, Sugriva, Vali’s younger brother, secretly desired Vali’s throne. When Rama approached Sugriva seeking his help to find his wife Sita kidnapped by Ravana, Sugriva saw an opportunity to fulfill his desire. As a condition to look for Rama’s wife, Sugriva asked Rama to help topple Vali. Rama agreed to this condition and allied with Sugriva. Rama and Sugriva devised a plan to defeat Vali. As per the plan, Sugriva invited Vali for a duel, and during the fight, Rama, who was hiding behind the trees, killed Vali with an arrow.

The lintel depicts an unknown deity riding Kāla (Time in Sanskrit), the time monster typically associated with Shiva.

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