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Banteay Srei: North Sanctuary Tower – North facing facade


North facing facade of the north sanctuary tower
The north sanctuary tower is situated inside the inner enclosure in the inner enclosure of the Bantaey Sei Temple, about 16 miles northeast of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The image shows the north-facing facade of the north sanctuary tower, a squarish structure resting on a star-shaped platform. At the center of this facade is a false door, carved only for decorative purposes. Behind this door is the inner sanctum, the entrance to which is on the east-facing facade. The design of this facade is symmetrical about the vertical axis centered at the middle of the door.

Surrounding the false door are the decorative panels, exquisitely carved with an artwork of foliage and geometrical patterns. Also carved into two panels are the devatas (demi-goddesses) enclosed within beautifully carved artwork.

The bas-relief on the lintel depicts a well-known story of Bhima killing Jarasandha, the king of Magadha, by splitting his body into two. Above the lintel, there are multiple levels of pediments. The relief on the bottom pediment depicts Yakshas carrying Kubera, the god of wealth. Note: Yakshas in Hindu mythology are the demigods who protect natural treasures, such as water and forests.

Located 16 miles northeast of Siem Reap, the Banteay Srei Temple is one of the finest temples in Cambodia. However, it is not well known, mainly because it is not near the Angkor Wat Temple, a World Heritage Site. Fortunately, it is located on the way to the Phnom Kulen mountain range. Combining both these visits would allow the visitors experience the beauty of the Banteay Srei carvings and enjoy the spectacular waterfalls in the Phnom Kulen mountains.

Structures of the Innermost Enclosure
A View from the Northwest
A View from the Southwest
A View from the Northeast

Sanctuary Towers
North Sanctuary Tower – North facing facade
North Sanctuary Tower – West facing facade
North Sanctuary Tower – East Facing Facade
South Sanctuary Tower – East Facing Facade
South Sanctuary Tower – South Facing Facade

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