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Delphi: Roman Agora at Delphi


Roman Agora at the entrance of the Sacred Way
The image (click to expand) shows the ruins of Roman Agora situated near the entrance to the Sacred Way on the Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, Greece.

A typical ancient Greek city-state had an agora, which is equivalent to a modern city-square or plaza. Agora literally means meeting place in Greek. People congregated in the agora for a variety of reasons and merchants set up shops in and around the agora to sell goods and services. Because of these shops, the agora became synonymous with the marketplace.

Once the Romans took control of Delphi, they remodeled the existing agora sometime in the 4th century CE. It then became known as the Roman Agora because of the remodeled buildings appeared more Roman than Greek.

The Roman Agora is the first stop on the Sacred Way to the Temple of Apollo. Just like any other temples scenes around the world, this is where the pilgrims bought the votive offerings and proceeded to the temple.

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