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Palace at Knossos: Fresco depicting the Bull Leaping game


Bull Leaping Fresco
The fresco shown in the image is a copy of the Bull Leaping fresco reconstructed from the fragments found at the archaeological site at Knossos located on the Greek island of Crete, Greece. It is on display at the Minoan Palace situated in this site.

The Bull Leaping fresco belonged to the Minoans, a mysterious civilization that thrived in Crete more than 4000 years ago. It depicts a dangerous game of leaping over a bull and was played by both men and women. The person who leaps over the bull is believed to be a man and the persons standing in front and back of the bull are believed to be a women. The gender of the players is inferred from the color code used by the painters, i.e., light color for women and brown for men.

The Bull Leaping game was important to the Minoans, and it could have been ceremonial.

Here are some of the other frescoes on the site:
Ladies in Blue Fresco
Prince of the Lilies Fresco
Dolphins Fresco
Griffin Fresco in the Throne Room

Palace at Knossos Images
Horns of Consecration – Sacred horns of the bull
Ruins of a multi-storied structure
Ruins of Palace at Knossos
Reconstructed hall with columns and frescoes
Bastion of the Bull
King’s Megaron and Stoa
Queen’s Megaron
Jars at “The Magazines of the Great Pithoi”
Pithoi Jars

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