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Delphi: Ruins of Temple of Apollo


Temple of Apollo
The Temple of Apollo was the most important and dominant structure in the Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. According to a Greek myth, this is where the Omphalos (navel of the earth) stone was found.

The building of temples started at this site as far back as the 7th century BCE. Of the several variants of the temple built over many centuries, the following three are prominent:

  1. The first major temple at this site was built by the legendary architects Trofonios and Agamedes and was destroyed by fire in 548 BCE.
  2. The second temple, which was bigger than the first one, was built in 525 BCE and was destroyed by an earthquake in 373 BCE.
  3. The third temple was built with almost the same plan and dimensions as its predecessor in 320 BCE.

With 6 massive columns in the front and 15 on the sides, this Doric style temple was an imposing sight. The seat of the oracle was situated inside the cella (inner chamber) called the adyton, which also housed the statue of Apollo and Omphalos. As with the other Greek temples, an eternal flame burned in the hestia (hearth), which was located at the rear of the cella.

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