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Aihole Durga Temple: Vishnu riding Garuda


Vishnu riding his vehicle Garuda
This beautiful sculpture of Vishnu is installed in one of the six devakoshtas (niches) built into the inner wall of the pradakshina patha (circumambulation path) of the Durga Temple, located in Aihole, Karnataka, India.

As you can see, Vishnu has four arms (two of which are broken) and is riding his vehicle Garuda. Standing with an elegant tribhanga stance to his right is his consort Lakshmi.

Here is the list of sculptures in the six devakoshtas:

South corridor
1. East: Shiva with his vehicle Nandi
2. Middle: Narasimhavatara, the fourth avatar of Vishnu
3. West: Vishnu riding Garuda – Current image

North corridor
4. West: Varahavatara, the third avatar of Vishnu
5. Middle: Durga Mahishasuramardini (Slayer of Mahishasura)
6. East: Harihara

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