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Badami: Agastya Lake – A view from the north side


Agastya Lake – A view from the north side showing the dam, Badami caves, and fort
The image shows a view of the Agastya Lake (also known as the Agastya Teertha) captured from the north side. The Agastya Lake is located in the valley between the northern and southern sandstone hills of Badami in Karnataka, India. Here is another view of the Agastya Lake captured from the Badami caves.

As you can see from the image, the lake is enclosed by an ancient dam (right) and the northern red sandstone hills (far end). If you expand the image, you can see Cave – 1 and Cave – 4. Cave – 2 and Cave – 3 are hidden by the rocks.

On the hilltop, you can see the Badami Fort built in 543 CE by Pulakeshi I of the Chalukya dynasty and a watch tower built in the 18th century by Tippu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore. Tippu Sultan rebuilt and expanded the fort after he took over Badami.

The steps leading to the watch tower were carved in an opening between Cave – 2 and Cave – 3.

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