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Badami Cave – 3: Relief of Vishnu’s vehicle Garuda carved into the eves


Carved into the eaves of Cave – 3, the third of the four rock-cut temples in Badami , is the sculptural relief depicting Vishnu’s vehicle Garuda. This relief is above the entrance and faces the interior of the temple. In this sculpture, Garuda, a mythical eagle-like bird, is portrayed with a human body having two wings and the nose resembling a beak. Flying above Garuda’s wings are two Vidyadhara couples.

Mounted on the capital of the pillars in front of the eves are the sculptures of the romantic couples. Known as mithuna shilpas, these type of sculptures, some of which are mildly erotic, are common in temples built by Badami Chalukyas. Check the Durga Temple at Aihole page.

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