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Badami Cave – 3: Ground Plan


Ground plan of Cave – 3
Note: This diagram was extracted from the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) document on display at the Archaeological Museum located near the Badami cave temples.

As the name suggests, Cave -3 is the third of the four rock-cut caves carved out of a red sandstone hill near Badami, Karnataka, India. Dedicated to Maha Vishnu, Cave – 3 is bigger than Cave – 1 and Cave – 2. Just like Cave – 1 and Cave – 2, it has a garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum) in the back, sabhamantapa (main hall) in the middle, and an open mukhamantapa (porch) in front.

The theme of the sculptural reliefs in Cave-3 is legends related to Vishnu.

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