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Badami Cave – 4: Bāhubali


The life-size sculptural relief shown in the image depicts Bāhubali, a prince who became a widely-worshiped Jain saint. He is also known as Gommateswara in Karnataka.

Bāhubali is one of the 100 sons of Rishabhanātha. Bharata was the eldest, but Bāhubali challenged him for the throne. Although Bāhubali defeated his brother in three non-violent games, he relinquished everything in disgust and lived like an ascetic. He meditated by standing up naked for 12 years to attain Moksha. Because he was motionless, vines grew on him, which is the reason why the standard iconography of Bāhubali shows him standing naked with his body encircled by vines.

The Bāhubali relief is carved into an interior wall of Cave – 4, the fourth of the four rock-cut caves carved out of a red sandstone hill near Badami in Karnataka, India.

Cave – 4 Images
Facade and Entrance
Ground Plan
Jakkave with Māhavira
Rishabhanātha (Ādinātha)

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