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Badami Cave – 4: Jakkavé with Mahavira


Jakkavé with Mahavira
The image shows a relief depicting a pious Jain nun called Jakkavé, who attained Moksha (salvation) through Sallekhana, a religious practice in Jainism to follow certain vows to reduce human passions. As you can see from the image, Mahavira, the 24th Jain Tirthankara, is at the center, and sitting beside him with folded hands is Jakkavé.

Mahavira is sitting with the Paryankasana posture (lotus-like pose with the upward-facing palms placed on top of each other) on a throne carved with three lions. Carved around his head is a prabhamandala (halo), and above it is a mukkodé, i.e., three umbrellas stacked one above the other.

You can see this relief as you enter Cave – 4, the fourth of the four rock-cut caves of Badami. This relief is carved on the right interior wall.

Cave – 4 Images
Facade and Entrance
Ground Plan
Rishabhanatha (Adinatha)

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