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Badami Cave – 1: Coiled Nagaraja on the mukhamantapa ceiling


Coiled Nagaraja on the ceiling of Cave – 1
The image shows a beautiful bas-relief carved on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah) of Cave – 1, the first of the four rock-cut caves of Badami, Karnataka, India.

This intricately carved relief depicts Nagaraja, the mythical king of serpents, with multiple serpent heads and a human head attached to a torso extended by a spiraling serpent body.

Check the Coiled Nagaraja relief on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa of the Durga Temple at Aihole, a free-standing temple carved with many sculptures and reliefs similar to those in the Badami cave temples.

Cave – 1 Images
Facade and Entrance
Cave – 1 Ground Plan
– Right side view: Nataraja performing Tandava Nritya
– Left side view: Dwarapala, Shiva-Parvati, Vrishabha-Kunjara
– Mukhamantapa right wall: Ardhanarishvara and Sage Bhringi
– Mukhamantapa left wall: Harihara – Fusion of Shiva and Vishnu
– Interior: Garbhagriha and pillars
– Garbhagriha: Shivalinga

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