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Belur Chennakeshava Temple: Kappe Chennigaraya – Venugopala Standing in the South Garbhagriha


Venugopala – Krishna Playing the Flute
The image shows the south side garbhagriha (inner sanctum) of the Kappe Chennigaraya Temple situated inside the Belur Chennakeshava Temple complex in Karnataka, India. As you can see, the garbhagriha is a squarish chamber with the life-size statue of Venugopala standing at the rear wall. Portrayed as a divine flute player, Venugopala is a form of Krishna. In Kannanda, Venu means flute, and Gopala means the protector of cows.

In Hindu mythology, Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. Check the Dashavatara painting on the Hampi Virupaksha Temple Murals for a list and description of the ten avatars of Vishnu.

As you can see from the image, Venugopala is standing with a tribhanga (bent in three places, knee, waist, and neck) pose and playing the flute.

The Kappe Chennigaraya Temple has two garbhgrihas. The other garbhagriha is situated in the western part of the temple and houses the Chennakeshava idol.

Kappe Chennigaraya Images
East Facade
North Facade
Navaranga Pillars
Dance Floor
Ugra Narasimha Carved on the Lintel of the South Garbhagriha Door
Lakshminarayana Carved on the Ceiling
Outer Wall around the West Garbhagriha

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