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Prambanan: Krishna killing Vyomasura


Krishna killing Vyomasura
The image shows a section of the Krishnayana bas-reliefs carved on the inner walls of the Vishnu Temple in Prambanan, about 11 miles northeast of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Krishnayana bas-reliefs are based on the episodes from Krishna’s childhood and youth narrated in Hindu epics.

This section of the Krishnayana bas-relief depicts a scene in which Krishna kills Vyomasura, a demon who could fly like a bat. According to a legend, Vyomasura disguises as a cowherd and mingles with Krishna’s friends with the intention of kidnapping them. When Krishna notices an unusual face among his friends, he confronts Vyomasura, who then shows his true self. What happens next is depicted in the bas-relief.

As you can see from the image, Krishna lifts Vyomasura by grabbing his legs in order to smash him to the ground with the intention of killing him. On the right side, Balarama, Krishna’s half brother, jumps in excitement as Vyomasura is being killed.

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