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Machu Picchu: Principal Temple on the Sacred Plaza


Principal Temple on the Sacred Plaza
The image shows the ruins of Principal Temple located on the Sacred Plaza in Machu Picchu, Peru. The Sacred Plaza is located above the Central Plaza, and there are steps to connect them.

As you can see from the image (click to expand it), Principal Temple has three walls, two lateral and one rear, and a total of 17 trapezoidal niches on these walls. The niches were used to keep the haucas (sacred objects). Above the niches of the rear wall are the six stone pegs that were likely used to hang decoration during festivities.

Experts believe that the Inca worshiped their supreme god Viracocha in this temple. As with the other Inca temples, Principal Temple likely housed royal mummies, whom the Inca considered as deities and worshiped them.

Notice the defect on the right side of the rear wall. Experts believe that this defect was caused by settling of the earth that occurred as a result of earthquakes that struck the site after it was built.

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