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Cusco: Internal locking mechanisms of stones found in the Qorikancha Temple complex


Stones with internal locking mechanism
The image shows the stones found in the Qorikancha Temple complex in Cuzco, Peru. Notice the grooves on the stones. These were part of the internal locking mechanisms used to bind the stones. See another set of stones with different internal locking mechanisms.

The Incas, who were excellent engineers, devised innovative mechanisms to fit and lock stones internally. One of the reasons they did so was to make their structures earthquake-proof because the Cuzco region suffered from frequent earthquakes.

By looking at the walls of the Qoricancha Temple, it appears that the Incas had the technology to cut stones precisely. Because of the precise cutting and internal locking of stones, the Incas were able to build lasting structures without the use of mortar or cement.

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