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Prambanan: Statue of Dewa Chandra in the Nandi Temple


Statue of Chandra, the Moon God
The statue of Dewa Chandra stands in the inner chamber of the Nandi Temple in Prambanan, which is located 11 miles northeast of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. The temple for Shiva’s vehicle Nandi is in front of the Shiva Temple. As you can see from the image, the statue of Dewa Chandra is standing on a lotus flower pedestal that is carried by ten horses. According to a legend, Chandra rides a chariot pulled by ten white horses.

Located at the center of the inner chamber of the Nandi Temple is the statue of Nandi. The Dewa Chandra statue (which is shown in the image) is situated on the left side of Nandi, and the Dewa Surya (Sun God) statue is on the right side of Nandi. These three statues symbolize the constant watch of Shiva by his vehicle Nandi, and the celestial objects, Sun and Moon.

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