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Alhambra: Sierra Nevada Mountains – A panoramic view from the Torre de la Vela


Sierra Nevada Mountains – A view from the Torre de la Vela of the Alcazaba
The image shows a spectacular view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains partly covered in snow. In Spanish, Sierra means mountain range and Nevada means snowfall. As the name suggests, a lot of snow falls in these mountains. Because of the abundance of snow, they have become a popular tourist attraction, especially with skiing enthusiasts.

The view shown in the image is captured from terrace of Torre de la Vela of Alcazaba located on the western end of Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The Torre de la Vela, also known as the Watch Tower, is the tallest tower in the Alcazaba and provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding areas. It got its name because of the bell on the tower. Velar in Spanish means to keep vigil. The Christian kings, who took over the Alhambra, installed the bell to warn residents of the surrounding areas of attacks and other emergencies. So, the Torre de la Vela is a tower that keeps vigil.

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