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Alhambra – Nasrid Palaces: Sala de los Abencerrajes (Hall of the Abencerrajes) – A sidewall with two arches


Hall of the Abencerrajes – Wall with two arches
Located north of the Court of the Lions, the Hall of the Abencerrajes is ornate with beautiful geometric designs on its walls and ceiling. The image shows a sidewall with two beautifully decorated arches on the doorway leading to a corridor.

The Hall of the Abencerrajes owes its name to Abencerrajes, a warrior clan from North Africa. According to a legend, 30 members of this clan were assassinated in this room by the orders of the Sultan of Granada, who suspected a member of the clan was having an affair with one of the ladies of the royal family. However, there is no historical or archaeological evidence to support the occurrence of this event.

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