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Alhambra: Palacio de los Abencerrajes (Abencerrajes’ Palace)


Archaeological site of the Abencerrajes’ Palace
The image shows the archaeological site of the Abencerrajes’ Palace located in the upper area of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Historians believe that a beautiful palace with the characteristics of Nasrid-era architecture and art once stood in this location.

Napoleon occupied the Alhambra from 1808 to 1812 and was responsible for destroying the buildings on this site. Napoleon was defeated eventually, and upon his defeat, he ordered his retreating troops to blow up the palace, including the Torre de Abencerrajes (Abencerrajes’ Tower).

The site was abandoned after the destruction. However, this changed in the 1930s when the restoration of the Alhambra started. After the discovery of the Nasrid-era artifacts in this area, archaeologists took a keen interest in this site and started excavating different parts of the palace. The significant excavations took place in 1957, 1990, and 1991. The ruins you see are the results of these excavations and some restoration.

Before the destruction, the palace was known as the Palacio de la Contaduría (Accounting Palace) because the Christian kings who took over the Alhambra gave this area to the senior accountant of the Royal Council in 1501.

The Abencerrajes’ Palace was attached to the Alhambra wall on the south side and had multiple rooms on the eastern section. A courtyard with a pool existed next to these rooms and parallel to the wall. Calle Real, the main road of the Medina, ran in front of the palace.

Built above the wall on the western part of the palace was a watchtower, now known as the Torre de los Abencerrajes, likely used for defensive and offensive purposes.

On the upper right corner of the image is the Iglesia de Santa María de la Alhambra, an iconic landmark of the Alhambra of the Christian era. It is situated next to the Palacio Carlos V (Carlos V Palace) on the Alhambra alta (i.e., upper area).

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