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Seville Cathedral: Sacristía Mayor – Reliefs depicting the Last Judgement carved on the ceiling of the dome


The Last Judgement carved on the ceiling of the dome
The Sacristía Mayor (Main Sacristy) is a hall attached to the Seville Cathedral on its south side and is next to the Sala Capitular (Chapter House). It has a circular dome with a roof lantern in the middle.

The middle portion of the image shows the dome ceiling. As you can see, the interior of the dome has three concentric layers ornate with bas-reliefs depicting scenes related to the Last Judgement (the Second Coming of Christ).

Here are the details:
1. Top layer: Depicts Jesus seated on a bow with his feet resting on a globe representing the earth. His right hand is up, and the left is down. He is holding a lily with his right hand, and there is a sword above his left shoulder. These two symbolize mercy and justice, respectively. Flanking Jesus on the left is the Virgin Mary, and on the right is St. John the Evangelist.
2. Middle layer: Depicts the saved ones, who with folded hands looking up to Jesus
3. Bottom layer: Depicts the damned ones who are being herded to hell by beast-like demons

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