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Seville Cathedral: Santiago Chapel – Tomb of Archbishop Gonzalo de Mena y Roelas


Tomb of Archbishop Gonzalo de Mena y Roelas
The alabaster tomb shown in the image contains the remains of Archbishop Gonzalo de Mena y Roelas, originally a priest from Toledo who rose to become a powerful archbishop of Seville in the 14th century. He was the founder of Cartuja de Sevilla, a Carthusian monastery (Charterhouse) and was known for his humanitarian work, especially for the people of African origin.

Embedded in the wall behind the sepulcher is the tombstone describing the life of the Archbishop. Above the tombstone is a beautiful sculptural relief named La Virgen del Cojín (The Virgin of the Cushion) depicting Virgin Mary holding the Infant Jesus. Surrounding this sculpture and the tombstone are four paintings, each depicting a saint. The niche on the left contains the statue of Santa Ángela de la Cruz made by José Antonio Navarro Arteaga in 2010.

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