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Seville Cathedral: Tomb of Fernando Colón, the second son of Christopher Columbus


Tomb of Fernando Colón, the second son of Christopher Columbus
Just like his father, Fernando Colón (also known as Ferdinand Columbus, Fernando Colombo, Hernando Colon), the second son of Christopher Columbus was also buried in the Seville Cathedral. The image shows his tombstone etched on the floor of the central nave near the west entrance.

The inscription at the center reads:
A CASTILA y a COLON MUNDO NUEVO DIO COLON – To Castile and to Leon, Columbus gave the new world.

Fernando Colón is known for the biography of his father titled The life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus by his son Ferdinand.

Upon is return from his voyage to the new world, he started to collect books and created a private library known as La Bibliotheca Colombina, which is located in the northwest side of the cathedral.

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