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Real Alcázar: King Pedro I Palace and Patio de la Montería (Courtyard of Hunting)


King Pedro I Palace and Patio de la Montería
The building at the far end of the image is King Pedro I Palace, and in front of it is the Patio de la Montería (Courtyard of Hunting), i.e., the courtyard with the white crisscrossed lines. To the right of King Pedro I Palace is Casa de Contratación (House of Contracting). This view is captured from the middle arched door of the ancient Moorish wall, which separates the Patio de la Montería and Patio del León (Courtyard of the Lion).

To arrive at the Patio de la Montería, visitors enter the Puerta del León (Lion Gate) and walk through the Patio del León and pass the arched doors of the Moorish wall.

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