Banteay Srei: Innermost Enclosure – A View from the Southwest

Structures in the inner enclosure as seen from the southwest side of the Banteay Srei Temple

Structures in the innermost enclosure – A view from the southwest side

Structures in the innermost enclosure
The innermost enclosure measures 24 x 24 sq. ft with a brick wall surrounding it. Built inside this enclosure are the main temple structures, including two libraries, three sanctuary towers, and an antechamber called mantapa, which is attached to the middle sanctuary tower.

The image shows a view captured from the southwest side of the inner enclosure. The three sanctuary towers showing their west-facing facades are in the front, and the south library is on the left. Next to the south library and behind the towers is the east gopura.

Located 16 miles northeast of Siem Reap, the Banteay Srei Temple is one of the finest temples in Cambodia. However, it is not very well known, mainly because it is not near the Angkor Wat Temple Complex. Fortunately, it is located on the way to the Phnom Kulen mountain range. Combining both these visits would allow you to experience the beauty of the Banteay Srei carvings and enjoy the spectacular waterfalls in the Phnom Kulen mountains.

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