Delphi: Omphalos

Omphalos of Delphi on display at the Delphi Archaeological Museum

Omphalos of Delphi on display at the Delphi Archaeological Museum.

Omphalos Stone
The Omphalos of Delphi refers to a conical-shaped stone, which, according to Greek mythology, represents the navel of the earth. According to Pausanias, a Greek historian who visited Delphi in the second century CE, a copy of Omphalos was kept near the seat of oracle in the inner chamber (adyton) of the Temple of Apollo. He described it as a sacred stone draped with wreaths. Ancient Greeks believed that this is where Apollo, a Greek god and the patron of Delphi, killed the evil python and used Omphalos to communicate directly with the gods.

Experts believe that many copies of Omphalos existed in the Sanctuary of Apollo. The image shows the Omphalos Stone on display at the Delphi Archaeological Museum. The archaeological site of Delphi has another Omphalos Stone.

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