Mycenae: Grave Circle A

Grave Circle A in Mycenae Citadel, Greece

Grave Circle A

Grave Circle A
Grave Circle A is the site of a cemetery located inside the Mycenae citadel in Grecce. See the layout of this site.

As you can see from the image, two rows of circular walls built using the stone slabs enclose the cemetery. When this site was excavated, six shaft graves with the bodies of 19 people, including men, women, and children were found. Each grave had a mound and stelae. Also found in the grave are funerary objects, including a golden death mask, gold and silver cups, rings, buttons, bracelets, and daggers.

Heinrich Schliemann, who discovered the cemetery in the 1870s, believed that the legendary King Agamemnon was buried there. However, the site is dated 17th or 16th century BCE, which is well before the time of King Agamemnon. Experts are not sure who was buried in this site but believe that bodies belong to high-ranking people from the Mycenaean civilization, probably the royalty.

Mycenae Citadel Images
Lion Gate Pediment
Cyclopean Wall
Grave Circle A
Layout of the Mycenae Palace
Palace Wall
Ruins of the Palace
A Cistern
North Gate

Tomb of Agamemnon Images
Entrance to the Tomb of Agamemnon
Roof of Agamemnon Tomb
A wall on the passageway at the entrance to the Tomb of Agamemnon
Tomb of Agamemnon Interior

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