Badami Cave – 3: Yama on the mukhamantapa (verandah) ceiling

A sculptural relief depicting Yama on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah) of Cave - 3 of the Badami Caves in Karnataka, India

Yama carved into the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (porch) of Cave – 3

Yama carved into the ceiling of the mukhamantapa
This intricately-carved bas-relief is on the ceiling of mukhamantapa of Cave – 3, the third of the four rock-cut caves of Badami in Karnataka, India.

As you can see from the image, there are two concentric circular frames, and enclosing them is a square frame. Within the inner circular frame, there is a beautifully carved relief of Yama, the god of justice and death, seated on a male buffalo. Separating the circular frames are the carvings of lotus flowers and buds.

Between the outer and inner circular frames, there are four smaller circular frames, each with a relief inside.

In Hindu mythology, Yama is one of the dikpalas (guardians of the directions) and is responsible for guarding South, which makes him the lord of the south. Check the Ashta Dikpalas page for a list and descriptions of all the eight dikpalas.

Read more about the bas-reliefs depicting Yama’s court and punishing sinners in the narakas in the Angkor Wat Bas-Reliefs page.

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