Badami Cave – 3: Vishnu on the mukhamantapa (verandah) ceiling

A bas-relief depicting Vishnu carved into the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah) in Cave - 3 of the Badami Caves in Karnataka, India

Vishnu on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah)

Vishnu on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah) of Cave – 3
This finely-carved bas-relief adorns the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (porch) of Cave – 3, the third of the four rock-cut caves of Badami in Karnataka, India.

As you can see, there are two concentric circular panels enclosed by a square panel. Carved into the innermost circular panel is a relief depicting Vishnu with four arms, one of which carries the Sudarshana Chakra (disc-like weapon) and the other a shanka(conch).

Filling the space between the outer and inner circular panels are the eight circular frames, likely carved with the Ashtadikpalas (Guardians of the eight directions). Some of them are identifiable, including Indra (riding an elephant), Kubera, Varuna (riding Makara), Agni (riding a ram), and Nirtti (riding a horse).

Covering The space between the outer circular panel and the square panel is beautiful artwork depicting foliage spewed by Makara.

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