Badami Cave – 2: Facade and Entrance

Facade and Entrance of Cave - 2 located at Badami in Karnataka, India

Facade and Entrance of Cave – 2

Facade and Entrance of Cave – 2
The image shows the facade and entrance of Cave – 2, the second of the four rock-cut cave temples of Badami in Karnataka, India.

Cave – 2 is at a higher elevation than Cave – 1, and the approach to Cave – 2 is through steps that are on the left side of the Cave – 1 entrance. The access to the temple is through a flight of stairs from its courtyard.

No inscriptions exist regarding the date of excavation or completion of this cave. The cave temple was most-likely completed in the late 6th century or early 7th century CE.

Cave – 2 is comparable in size and similar in design to Cave – 1, but unlike Cave – 1, it is dedicated to Vishnu. Just like Cave – 1, it has a garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum) in the back, sabhamantapa (main hall) in the middle, and an open mukhamantapa (porch) in front. Check the Cave – 2 Ground Plan for the layout of the temple.

The theme of the sculptural reliefs in Cave – 2 is stories and legends related to Vishnu. The stories of two of his avatars – Varahavatara and Vamanavatara – are carved on the sidewalls of the mukhamantapa.

The ceiling of the mukhamantapa has some eye-catching bas-reliefs of geometrical patterns. At the middle of the mukha mantapa ceiling is the Matsya Yantra, a wheel with hub-and-spoke design. Flanking the Matsya Yantra relief on either side are two maze-like patterns comprising of swastikas.

Cave – 2 Related Images
Cave – 2 Ground Plan
– Mukhamantapa left wall: Varahavatara
– Mukhamantapa right wall: Vamanavatara
– Mukhamantapa Ceiling: Matsya Chakra, Swastika Maze

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