Badami: Lower Shivalaya

Lower Shivalaya in Badami, Karnataka, India

Lower Shivalaya in Badami

Lower Shivalaya in Badami
The image shows the remnants of once magnificent temple, now known as Lower Shivalaya, built on the red sandstone cliffs located north of Agastya Lake in Badami, Karnataka, India.

It is located just below Upper Shivalaya and to the east of Malegitti Shivalaya.

Only the inner sanctum and the tower above it have survived. The idol in the inner sanctum is missing. The temple was originally dedicated to Vatapi Ganapathi and was well known in olden times. Even today, Carnatic musicians invoke the blessings of Vatapi Ganapathi by singing Vatapi Ganapathi Bhajeyam.

Note: Vatapi is the former name of Badami. Ganapathi is another name of Ganesha, a son of Shiva.

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