Somanathapura Keshava Temple: Indra and Indrani riding Airavata

Indra and Indrani riding Airavata - A relief carved on the outer wall of the Somanathapura Keshava Temple in Karnataka, India

Indra and Indrani riding Airavata

Indra and Indrani riding Airavata
The image shows a beautifully carved sculptural relief depicting Indra, the king of Svarga and devas (demigods), seated majestically on his vehicle Airavata, a white elephant, with his wife Indrani (also known as Sachi) seated behind him.

This sculpture is mounted on the outer wall surrounding the southern garbhagriha of the Somanathapura Keshava Temple, located in Karnataka, India. As you can see from the image, Indra is wielding Vajrayuda (Thunderbolt), his signature weapon, with his right hand and holding a lotus bud with his left hand.

Indra is also one of the Ashta Dikpalas (guardians of the eight directions), and his job is to guard the east direction. Check this Ashta Dikpalas painting from the Hampi Virupkasha Temple Murals for a description of all dikpalas.

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