Borobudur: Arupadhatu Layer – Mother Stupa

Mother Stupa on the Arupadhatu layer of Borobudur in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mother Stupa of Borobudur

Mother Stupa of Borobudur
Adding to the grandeur of the magnificent Borobudur monument is the large stupa, known as the mother stupa, situated at its topmost point, which is also its center. The pinnacle of this bell-shaped stupa previously had an umbrella at the top but was destroyed by lightning. The stupa believed to have had a golden statue of Buddha inside the enclosure but was stolen in the 1800s when Borobudur was discovered.

The mother stupa is part of the Arupadhatu layer, the top most among the three layers of a pyramid-like structure of this monument. Check the Borobudur Temple Layers page for an explanation of these layers.

Located about 30 miles northwest of Yogyakarta in the island of Java, Borobudur is the largest and one of the most fascinating Buddhist monuments in the world. It was built between 778 and 850 CE by the rulers of the Shylendra dynasty, who were the followers of Mahāyāna Buddhism. According to an inscription, it was founded by King Samaratungga of this dynasty.

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