Prambanan: Rama slaying Mareecha

Rama slaying Mareecha - A Ramayana bas-relief carved in the Shiva Temple at Prambanan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Rama slaying Mareecha who assumed the form of a golden deer

Rama slaying Mareecha
This narrative bas-relief is on the Ramayana story panel carved on the inner wall of the balustrade surrounding the inner sanctum of the Shiva Temple in Prambanan. It depicts a famous scene – Rama killing a golden deer – described in the Indian epic Ramayana.

In this episode, Mareecha, a rakshasa (demon) and a maternal uncle of Ravana, assumes the form of a golden deer to distract Rama to allow Ravana to kidnap Rama‘s wife Sita (known as Shinta in Indonesia). The bas-relief shows the body of Mareecha springing out of the golden deer as it starts dying. According to the story, before Mareecha dies, he imitates Rama‘s voice and screams “Oh! Sita, Oh! Lakshmana.” Troubled by this voice, Sita sends Lakshmana to help Rama, which enables Ravana to kidnap Sita.

Check the Prambanan Bas-Reliefs page for a detailed explanation of the Ramayana and other bas-reliefs.

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