Alhambra: Gardens of the Partal – A West Side View

A west side view of the Gardens of the Partal in Granada, Spain

A west side view of the Gardens of the Partal

Gardens of the Partal – A west side view
The image shows a terrace of the Jardines del Partal (Gardens of the Partal) located east of the Nasrid Palaces and north of the Calle Real (Royal Road) in the Alhambra, Granada, Spain. It consists of reflecting pools, fountains, flower beds, nicely trimmed hedges of bushes enclosing plants and trees.

At the far-end is the Iglesia de Santa María de la Alhambra (Church of St. Mary of the Alhambra), and to its right is Palacio Carlos V (Charles V Place).

On the right, a low brick wall with a white plaque is part of the remnants of Palacio de Yusuf III (Yusuf III Palace). The archaeological excavation in the 1930s led to the discovery of this palace. Based on the type of construction and the artifacts found in the site, experts attributed it to Yusuf III (1408-1417), the thirteenth ruler of the Nasrid dynasty. However, experts also believe that a much older construction attributed to Muhammad II (1273-1302), the second ruler, existed in this site, and the Yusuf III Palace was a modified version of that building.

Conveniently located between the Medina (i.e., city) and the Nasrid Palaces, the area now covered by the Gardens of the Partal was mostly a residential area comprising of houses for the people connected with the palaces. They had easy access to their work (i.e., palaces) as well as to the city (i.e., Medina) for the daily needs of the family, such as shops, baths, and mosques.

The houses and other buildings in this area fell into disrepair after the Christian Kings took over the Alhambra. The gardens in the Gardens of the Partal are a modern construction and was part of a major restoration that took place in the 1930s. The gardens you see now are part of that restoration.

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