Alhambra: Paying tributes to Alahmar, the founder of the Alhambra

Tombstone that pays tributes to Alahmar, the founder of the Alhambra mouted on a wall near the Gate of the Pomegranates in Granada, Spain

Tombstone that pays tributes to Alahmar and glorifies the Alhambra

A tombstone quoting F. Villaespesa paying tributes to Alahmar and glorifying the Alhambra
Mounted on the wall near the Gate of the Pomegranates in Granada, Spain, is a tombstone that pays touching tributes to Alahmar, the founder of the Alhambra, and glorifies the beauty of Alhambra. The author of the poetic words etched in this tombstone is Francisco Villaespesa Martín (1877 – 1936), a famed Spanish poet and writer, who had close ties to Granada.

The installation of this tombstone was part of the ceremonies held in 1932 to commemorate the 7th centenary of the founding of the Emirate of Granada. It is a duplicate because the original was believed to have been destroyed by lightning.

You can see this tombstone embedded on the right side wall after you pass through the Gate of the Pomegranates, which is one of the access points to the Alhambra monuments. Check the location of this tombstone on the rearview of the gate.

Here is the verbatim reproduction from the plaque:

A Alahmar, el varón máse insigne de la casa de NASAR, founder de la Alhambra. Porque sobrepujaste los limits del Tiempo y de espacio, haciendo palidecer todas las bellezas de la Naturaleza, al crear la maravillas de este Alcázar, para la ceñir de gloria y immortalidad las divinas sienes de la Ciudad inconfundible y Unica, recibe el homenaje conmovido de Granada y con él la admiracion y respeto del Mundo, y el llanto de tus hijos desterrados que, aún en las soledades del desierto, a la luz estrellas, sueñan con el Paraiso de tus estancias encantadas.

No temas las injurias de Tiempo ni las veleidades de la Fortuna, porque tu ardor desmesurando se eternizó en el portento de estos recintos.

Podrán quedar ni aún las sombras de estos muros, pero su recuerdo, será siempre imperecedero, como único refugio posible de ensueño y del arte.

Y entonces el último ruiseñor que aliente sobre el Mundo fabricará su nido y entonará sus cánticos una despedida, entre las ruinas gloriosas de la Alhambra.
F. Villaespesa.”

Here is a rough English translation of these poetic words:

To Alahmar, the most distinguished man of the house of NASAR, the founder of the Alhambra.

Because you surpassed the limits of Time and space by making all the beauties of nature pale when by creating the wonders of this citadel to gird the glory and immortality of the divine temples of the distinguished and unique city, you receive the moving tribute from Granada and with it the admiration and respect of the world.

The cry of your banished children who, even in the solitude of the desert, in the light of the stars, dream of the paradise of your enchanted halls.

Do not fear the ravages of time or the fickleness of fortune, because your overflowing zeal was eternalized in the marvel of these enclosures.

Even though the shadows of these walls may not last, their memory, which will always be everlasting, will remain as the only possible refuge of dreams and art.

And then the last nightingale, who flutters over the world, will make its nest and sing chants of farewell amongst the glorious ruins of the Alhambra.

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