Seville Cathedral: A view from the Giralda

A view of the Seville Cathedral from the Girlada

A view of the Seville Cathedral from the Giralda

A view from the Giralda
As seen from the Giralda, this birds eye-view of the Seville Cathedral reveals its exterior design, presenting its Gothic characteristics, including the pointed arches, flying buttresses, and stained glass windows.

As you can see, the layout of the Seville Cathedral is cross-shaped, i.e., long main body with an attachment of two shorter wings, known as transepts, on either side built at right angles to the main body.

The main body of the cathedral appears like a grid created by five longitudinal and nine transversal sections. As you can see, the flying buttresses form some of the grid blocks with a column like structure at the corners.

Internally, and massive columns placed at the corners of the grid block form a virtual grid. The longitudinal sections form the naves of the church. With a height of 138 ft, the central nave is the tallest, and the height of the other naves tapers down as you go towards the sides. The short squarish tower-like structure that rises above the central nave is at the crossing, i.e., at the intersection of the central nave and transepts.

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