Seville Cathedral Chapter House : Inspirational bas-reliefs on the dome ceiling

Inspirational bas-reliefs on the ceiling of the Chapter House dome

Inspirational bas-reliefs on the ceiling of the dome

Bas-reliefs on the ceiling of the dome
The image shows the lower part of the dome of the Sala Capitular (Chapter House) just below La Inmaculada. As you can see, it is ornate with bas-reliefs, paintings, and artwork.

The vertical format bas-relief in the middle depicts the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and the horizontal format reliefs to its left and right depict Jesus with his 12 Apostles. In the left bas-relief, Jesus washing their feet and in the right bas-relief, Jesus standing on a pedestal and preaching them.

There are 16 bas-reliefs – eight in the vertical (portrait) format and the other eight in the horizontal (landscape) format – carved on the vaulted ceiling of the Chapter House dome. The vertical format bas-reliefs were made by Juan Bautista Vázquez el Viejo and Diego de Velasco around 1582 – 1584. The horizontal format bas-reliefs were made by Marcos Cabrera in 1590. The horizontal and vertical format reliefs alternate and are separated by pilasters with Ionic-style capitals. A border that looks like the arched door encloses the vertical bas-reliefs.

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