Seville Cathedral: North Transept – Silver Altar

Silver Altar in the north transept of the Seville Cathedral in Spain

Silver Altar in the north transept of the Seville Cathedral

Silver Altar
Situated in the northern arm of the transept and behind the Puerta de la Concepción (Door of the Conception), the Silver Altar is a shining example of the mastery of Sevillian craftsmen. The Silver Altar got its name because of the abundant use of silver in the altar.

In the center of the altar is the statue of the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus flanked by the sculptures of San Isidoro and San Leandro. Behind it is the large and exquisitely-crafted silver monstrance shaped like the sun. Mounted on top of the monstrance is a crown.

A large canvas hangs behind the altar to prevent its exposure to the Puerta de la Concepción, where the visitors enter the cathedral. The silhouette of the altar on the canvas can be seen from outside.

The inner side of the Puerta de la Concepción wall is visible behind the altar. Mounted on this wall just above the silver altar is a beautiful painting depicting the Ascension of the Virgin Mary. Above this painting is a circular stained glass window depicting the Ascension of Jesus made by Carlos de Brujas in 1588.

Note that the Tomb of Columbus occupies the southern transept.

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