Machu Picchu: Civil Engineer’s plaque

Civil Engineer's plaque at the Machu Picchu archaeological site in Peru

Civil Engineer’s plaque

Civil Engineer’s plaque
The image shows the plaque presented by the National Institute of Culture of Peru, National Academy of History of Peru, and American Institute of Civil Engineers and was installed at the Machu Picchu archaeological site on September 2006.

According to this plaque, Machu Picchu is an international historical monument of civil engineering. It is considered a masterpiece of urban planning, design and planning of trails, buildings, agricultural terraces, and water canals. The infrastructure at Machu Picchu is an illustration of advances made by the Incas in civil engineering, hydraulics, ad town planning. The steep agricultural terraces, solid stone walls, surface and underground drainage systems, and efficient management of springs are excellent examples of Inca’s expertise in civil engineering.

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