Belur Chennakeshava Temple: Relief of Garuda and Narasimha on the pediment of the main entrance

Relief of Garuda and Narasimha on the pediment of the main entrance to the Belur Chennakeshava Temple, Karnataka, India

Garuda and Narasimha on the pediment

Garuda and Narasimha on the pediment
Adorning the panel above the door at the main entrance is a beautiful relief of Narasimha, the fourth avatar of Vishnu, carried by his vahana (vehicle), Garuda. Enclosing this panel is a creeper disgorged by the Makaras (mythical dragon-like creatures), sitting atop the pilasters flanking the door. Garuda is also on the roof, flanked by two female figures.

Located 150 miles west of Bangalore in southern India, the Belur Chennakeshava Temple is a magnificent temple dedicated to Vishnu. King Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala dynasty commissioned the temple in 1167 CE to commemorate his victory over the Cholas at Talakadu. After his death, his successors – Narasimha I and Veera Ballala II – continued the work, and it took 103 years to complete it.

Bracket Figures: Sculptures mounted below the eaves
Shilābālikes: Female Bracket Figures
Darpana Sundari, Sukha Bhashini, Nātya Sundari, Gāna Sundari, Kesha Sundari, Tribhangi, Nagna Sundari, Kapāla Durga, Koravanji, Nātya Mohini, Betegārthi
Male Bracket Figures
Flute playing male musician
Narthaka – Davane playing male dancer
Davane playing male musician

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