Olympia: Naiskos at the Nymphaion

Naiskos at the Nymphaion in Olympia, Greece

Naiskos at the Nymphaion

Naiskos at the Nymphaion
Located near the Temple of Hera, Nymphaion (also known as the Exedra of Herodes Atticus) was built in 150 CE by Herodes Atticus in honor of his wife Regilla. It was a two-story building with two circular Naiskos (small temples) at the ends. The image shows one of them.

The Nymphaion had many statues placed inside the niches on the wall. The statues included were that of Roman emperors, including Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Antoninus Pius, and Herodes Atticus and his family members.

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