Badami Cave – 4: First Tirthankara – Ādinātha (Rishabhanātha)

First Tirthankara - Ādinātha (Rishabhanātha) in Cave - 4 of Badami Caves in Karnataka, India

First Tirthankara – Ādinātha (Rishabhanātha) in Cave – 4 of Badami Caves

First Tirthankara – Ādinātha
Carved into the left sidewall of the anatarāla (ante-chamber), this beautiful life-size sculptural relief depicts Ādinātha, the first of the 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism. It is carved into the left sidewall of the antarala (ante-chamber in front of the garbhagriha).

As the name suggests, Cave -4 is the fourth of the four rock-cut caves carved out of a red sandstone hill near Badami, Karnataka, India.

In this relief, Ādinātha is a digambara (cloth less) and is standing with the Kayotsarga pose, which means giving up body movements and comfort. His long hair flows into his shoulder. Note: The Ādinātha iconography has locks of hair on his shoulder and is one of the ways to identify his sculptures.

As you can see from the image, Ādinātha is flanked by 12 Tirthankaras on either side.

Cave – 4 Images
Facade and Entrance
Ground Plan
Jakkave with Mahāvira
Rishabhanātha (Adinātha)

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