Badami Cave – 4: Facade and Entrance

Facade and Entrance of Badami Cave - 4, the fourth of the rock-cut caves located in Badami, Karnataka, India

Facade and Entrance of Badami Cave – 4

Facade and Entrance of Badami Cave – 4
Cave – 4 is smallest of the four rock-cut caves at Badami in Karnataka, India. Historians believe that this cave was built in the early 7th century CE.

Unlike the other three caves, which are Hindu temples, Cave – 4 is a Jain temple and is a testament to the peaceful co-existence of different religions in ancient India.

Just like the other three caves, the garbhagriha is at the back of the cave. There are three halls in front of the garbhagriha, which are: 1. Antarala (ante-chamber) 2. Sabhamantapa (main hall) 3. Mukhamantapa (verandah).

The garbhagriha houses a sculpture believed to be of Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara, seated on a lion throne. The sculptural reliefs of Tirthankaras and the other Jain figures adorn the pillars and sidewalls of the halls.

The only access to this cave is through a flight of steps from Cave – 3. However, there was a path to this temple from the east side when it was built.

Cave – 4 Images
Ground Plan
Jakkave with Mahavira
Rishabhanatha (Adinatha)

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