Somanathapura Keshava Temple: Lotus bud surrounded by an endless knot

A beautifully decorated ceiling of the Somanathapura Keshava Temple in Karnataka, India

Lotus bud surrounded by an endless knot on the ceiling

Lotus bud surrounded by endless knot on the ceiling
The ceiling of the Navaranga has 16 finely-carved rectangular sections, i.e., nine sectors in the sabhamantapa (congregation hall), and seven sectors in the mukhamantapa (porch). The theme of the carvings is different phases of a blooming lotus bud.

As you can see from the image, the ceiling is recessed with a oval-shaped niche and is carved with mesmerizing circular patterns at different levels of the niche. At the center is a beautifully carved lotus bud surrounded by an endless knot, which in turn is enclosed by oval-shaped carving.

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