Generalife: Lower Gardens

A view of the lower gardens area in the Generalife located in Granada, Spain

A view of the lower gardens area

A view of the lower gardens area
The image shows an area known as the Lower Gardens the Generalife located on the slope of a hill next to the Alhambara in Granada, Spain. It is Area K in the map of the Alhambra and Generalife.

At the center of the image is a pebbled walkway that leads to the Generalife Palace and the upper gardens. The Generalife complex has many similar walkways paved with beautiful mosaics created with black and white pebbles. The black ones are from the River Genil, and the white ones are from the River Darro. The walkways are a 20th-century creation built as part of the restoration of the Generalife.

The area on the right side of the walkway is an arable land used by the Nasrids to grow vegetables and fruits. It serves the same purpose even today. As you can see, the agricultural terrace on the right has orchards and vegetable patches.

The area on the left side is used for decorative purposes and has beautifully-trimmed cypress trees. It is a delightful experience to walk under the arches of the cypress trees. Although these gardens make a great impression with visitors, they are also a modern creation built as part of the renovation of the Generalife, and nobody is sure how they looked in the Nasrid era.

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