Generalife: Patio de la Acequia – Court of the Irrigation Canal

Patio de la Acequia (Court of the Irrigation Canal), a part of the Generalife Palace in Granada, Spain

Patio de la Acequia (Court of the Irrigation Canal)

Patio de la Acequia (Court of the Irrigation Canal)
The Patio de la Acequia (Court of the irrigation canal), which belongs to the Generalife Palace, is one of the main attractions of the Generalife located in Granada, Spain. Visitors enter this court using the walkway that runs in the middle of the Lower Gardens. After this visit, they move to the Patio de la Sultana (Sultana’s Court), a court associated with the Legend of the Abencerrajes.

The Patio de la Acequia is a rectangular court with pavilions on all four sides. The northern pavilion with two floors is on the far end of the image. As you can see, the corridor of this pavilion has five archways, with the middle arch higher than the others. The pavilion on the left (i.e., west side) is ornate and provides a beautiful view of the Lower Gardens of the Generalife and the majestic buildings of the Alhambra. Check this image.

As the name suggests, the court has an irrigation canal, which runs through its center. Built in the Nasrid period, it provided water for the exotic plants in the court. On its sides are the narrow terraces with water sprouts spurting water into the canal, creating a beautiful display of semi oval-shaped water jets crossing each other.

The hedges of myrtle bushes run along the outer edges of the terraces. The beds used for cultivating flower plants, bushes, and fruit trees are on both sides of the canal. The Nasrids imported some of these plants, including a variety of rose bushes and jasmine creepers, from different parts of the world, choosing them for the colorfulness and fragrance of their flowers. The plants with their colorful flowers and a pleasant aroma created a delightful atmosphere in the court.

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