Seville Cathedral: Main Chapel – Canopy of the Altarpiece

Main Chapel - Canopy of the Altarpiece in the Seville Cathedral

Canopy of the Altarpiece

Canopy of the Altarpiece
The image shows the canopy above the massive Retablo Mayor (altarpiece) of the Capilla Mayor (Main Chapel). As you can see, the canopy is ornate with geometrical patterns containing carvings of 30 identical recessed hexagons arranged in three rows.

Above the canopy, there is a row of 13 compartments, each containing a relief. The relief at the center of this row depicts Mary holding the body of Jesus on her lap, and flanking this relief are the reliefs of the 12 Apostles, six on each side.

Check these pages for a detailed description of the Retablo Mayor:
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Canopy of the Altarpiece
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